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Managed WooCommerce To Fit Your eCommerce Needs

Whether you are starting an eCommerce site or have a store that has outgrown your current technology, Liquid Web has a Managed WooCommerce Hosting Plan to fit your needs. We tailor our plans so that no matter how much you grow, we can scale with you.

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Every Store We Host Comes With All Of These Features

Take 28% Off for 2 months! Use Promo Code FASTWOO28

Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Starting an eCommerce Store Has Never Been Easier

Beginner Plan Starts at $28/mo after promotion

Our Affiliate Program

Thousands of themes

Drag & drop design

Responsive design

Customized look & feel

Mobile optimized

Unlimited products & pages

Custom product tabs

Digital downloads

Variable products

Unlimited custom fields

Custom category pages

Virtual products

Physical products

External products

Unlimited staff accounts

Inventory management

Coupons/ discount codes

Product reviews

Manual orders

Order management

Upsell/ cross sells

Run promotions

Thumbnail management

Unlimited galleries

Image zoom

Mobile optimized images

Image compression

Variable product images

Image lightboxes

Keyword indexing

Clean URLs

Google sitemaps

Control metadata

Custom URL redirects

Product schema

Auto-Resizing disk

Auto-Resizing CPU

Auto Resizing RAM

Highly redundant

Run Performance tests

Monitored 24/7/365

Beginner Plan

Unlimited Products or Unlimited Orders

Free SSL Cert Included

iThemes Sales Accelerator with Reporting Add-on

Abandoned Cart by Jilt Included (50 engaged users) 

Landing Page Template by Beaver Builder (Standard Package Included)

normally $39/mo

Now $28.08/mo

for your first 2 months

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Can you explain the limit of products and orders?

Our beginner plan is limited based on either product or orders. When you first start out your store, you make a choice to sell unlimited products and be limited to 150 orders per month, or sell 15 products and have unlimited orders.

What happens if I choose to limit the number of products in my store?

If you choose to limit your store by the number of products, you will be limited to 15 products. You will not be limited by orders though. So you can sell as much as you want.

What happens when I cross 150 orders in a month? Does my store go offline?

Your store will never go offline. Instead it will just mean that your customers can no longer purchase anything on the site. Your site will still be searchable, visible, and customers can interact with it (comments, reviews, etc.). And when the month is over, the orders will reset and your customers will be able to checkout again.

How does the limit come into play with plugins like Subscriptions or or Memberships?

Because these plugins create new product types, they will work accordingly. So if you selected the limitation by 15 products, you can add subscriptions or memberships. And if you don’t limit your store by products; well you can add as many subscription or membership products you want.

Do I get access to Glew Analytics?

Liquid Web does not include Glew as part of this plan. If you need advanced analytics, you should consider one of our other Managed WooCommerce Hosting Plans.

iThemes Sales Accelerator with the Reporting Add-on is included.

What if I don’t have a design for my site? Do you have options to select from?

Whether you are just starting your store or you are looking to redesign your store, we provide the best eCommerce theme in terms of performance, security and features to allow you to design your store any way you want.

Does these plans include Beaver Builder so that I can dynamically build and design my site?

One of the easiest ways to build a store the way you want it, designed just the way you like, is to use a page builder. The best page builder for WordPress is Beaver Builder.

Is this like WooCommerce lite?

This is not WooCommerce lite. You can use any feature of WooCommerce. You can install any WooCommerce or WordPress plugin. The only difference is that we limit the product catalog to 15 products or limit the number of orders to 150.

Do you limit other parts of WooCommerce?

We do not limit any part of WooCommerce.

Can I install any WooCommerce plugin to my store?

You can install any WordPress or WooCommerce plugin you want on your site.

Can I pick any payment gateway I want with WooCommerce?

Yes. There’s an extension for just about any payment gateway in the WooCommerce market place.


Beginners Plan FAQ

No shared servers with us. We optimize everything for your store.

Need help moving your WooCommerce store to our servers? We'll do it for you.

We provide everything including abandoned cart and page builder plugins, a fast theme, and more.

Ultra fast, expert support - whether it's email, chat, or by picking up a phone.

Our Beginner Plan

Basic Shopify

Compare Liquid Web Managed WooCommerce Hosting with Shopify

We think you will find more of what you need with Liquid Web.

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Great for stores with 300 monthly transaction

Unlimited Admin Seats

Unlimited SKUs

Unlimited Orders

Free SSL Cert Included

Glew.io Reporting Included

Jilt Abandoned Cart Included (50 engaged users) 

Beaver Builder Standard Included

Performance Testing Included

normally $99/mo

Now $71.28/mo

for your first 2 months

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Great for stores making under $100,000/year

Unlimited Admin Seats

Unlimited SKUs

Unlimited Orders

Free SSL Cert Included

Glew.io Reporting Included

Jilt Abandoned Cart Included (250 engaged users) 

Beaver Builder Standard Included

Performance Testing Included

normally $249/mo

Now $179.28/mo

for your first 2 months

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